Author Topic: Second Starliner at KSC as Boeing outlines progress at Space Tech Expo  (Read 4398 times)

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(And four under construction).

Article by Chris Gebhardt. With additional content from Derrick Stamos for NSF at the Space Tech Expo and Nathan L2 renders :)

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Good article.  Perhaps the best on the web right now concerning the nuts and bolts of the testing Boeing is doing to certify the Starliner for spaceflight.

However, the last two paragraphs miss perhaps the most exciting news in this world of re-usable spacecraft.  After returning from its OFT flight test, Spacecraft 3 will fly again on PCM-1, the first operational mission, and after returning from its CFT flight test, Spacecraft 2 will fly again on PCM-2, the second operational mission.

Perhaps including a clickable high-resolution version of the last picture will make that clearer.  Could that be done?

Online Chris Bergin

Hopefully this is better. The forum allows for it to be clickable to a larger size: Thanks to our own Derek Stamos for the photo.