Author Topic: FAA Annual Compendiums of Commercial Space Transportation: 2016-2017  (Read 1920 times)

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edit/gongora: 2017 report in this post:

Overview of all currently and near future available commercial launch vehicles, sites. Published in Feb, 2016

At $5.9B in revenues in 20141, the global space transportation industry is a
relatively small part of the overall $323B global space industry. But without it,
space-based services would be impossible. It is an enabling capability, one that
makes it possible to send national security and commercial satellites into orbit,
probes into the solar system, and humans on exploration missions.

For context, the global space industry is estimated to have been $323B in 2014.
About $203B (63%) of this was revenue generated by companies providing
services like television; mobile, fixed, and broadband communications; remote
sensing; satellite systems and ground equipment manufacturing and sales; and, of
course, launch services. The remaining $120B (37%) constitutes government space
budgets and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) chipsets and services.
The U.S. space industry was approximately $125B in 2014. This includes $87B
in revenues generated by satellite services, satellite manufacturing, satellite
ground equipment, and launch services as well as $38B spent on space
programs by the U.S. government. U.S. launch service providers accounted
for about $2.4B in total revenues or 41% of global launch services. FAA AST licensed
launches accounted for $617M of the $2.4B.
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How did they get $270 for FH?

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How did they get $270 for FH?

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Likely their estimated price is way off vs reality, just as the AF recently admitted the F9 GPS 3 bid was 40% lower than the estimate.

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How did they get $270 for FH?

$61.2M * 21,200 / 4,850 = $267.5M?

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I can't recall if the 2017 Compendium was ever posted here.  A copy is attached.