Author Topic: "Indigenous Development of Materials for Space Programme" By Dr A. S.Kiran Kumar  (Read 1389 times)

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This talk is from 21 August 2015 on website of Indian Institute of Science delivered as 31st Prof. Brahm Prakash Memorial Lecture.

As the title suggests it is about journey so far in material R&D and road map ahead. Emphasis on strengthening industrial base and tech transfers. Mentioned some industries working along even with low likelihood of profit. Touches on relevance of space agencies in new age of space commerce.

Main presentation starts at 11m10s, Q&A at 42m10s.

Slides from presentation

Good talk with relatively nice Q&A. Things that stood out

- A different visual on SCE-200 from what are used to see in presentations or official sites. Attaching a comparison between RD-810 images that are usually seen and this render. Notice the swivel mount on top.

- Visual on new configuration(2x S250+SC200+C50+C10) of next LV. enhanced it slightly by averaging good shots and I think it says 'GSLV MK IV'

- Latest Material cost breakdown of PSLV.

- Some details on RLV-TD TPS and Insulation.

- New mechanism to seek specific solutions on the lines of RESPOND but with much larger purse of couple of Crores, 3-4 years time-frame and open to anyone and not just academic institutions.
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