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Design/simulation optimization Q&A
« on: 12/24/2015 02:35 pm »
My question:
I am looking to get in touch with an engineer who has been involved in any form (whether past or present) of engineering optimization. I want to start a discussion with this engineer about the types of problems that would be involved, w.r.t. optimization, in the Aerospace industry. To clarify, what I mean is... before the actual manufacturing process takes place and also before a finalized design is in place, (I'm not an expert on this, but I assume that) a rough design needs to happen - this rough design would involve numerous assessments, calculations, and problems that require solving. Assuming we're speaking in terms of this rough design, at a very very basic level, I want to see if it is possible to formulate real-world problems that may have come up in the past (or even are presently being solved) where these problems may be optimized.

Why I am asking this question:
I'm a QA Engineer, and at the company I am working for, we have built a software (our flagship product) that does engineering optimization. We're a start-up company and very very new to the Aerospace sector. I want to formulate feasible problems that could be put against the software. Being not-so-relevant in the Aerospace industry at this time, it is extremely difficult for us to make any case when approaching corporations to add us into their supply chain. We do have working examples that we benchmark against, but these examples are sort of , in a sense, 'textbook' examples - they're benchmarks that allow us to say, 'oh, okay, the software works as intended', but doesn't serve specific purpose or argument that let's us say, 'we can do x and y, which is integral in the design of this spaceship z', etc. I'm hoping to connect with an engineer who has had worked on some of these real-world problems, so I would be able to generate an optimization problem, or problems, I would be able to use.
I did not include a company name nor a software name since I want to possibly start case study via this post and not as a means of marketing ourselves.

Thank you for the read!
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