Author Topic: Happy 100th Anniversary to General Relativity  (Read 1080 times)

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Happy 100th Anniversary to General Relativity
« on: 11/25/2015 01:53 pm »
Lest it be forgot, today- November 25th, 2015- is the 100th birthday of General Relativity (relatively-speaking of course).  None of NSF and not much of our modern world world exist without our understanding of it.

Here's the New York Times headline from shortly thereafter:

"EINSTEIN EXPOUNDS HIS NEW THEORY; It Discards Absolute Time and Space, Recognizing Them Only as Related to Moving Systems. IMPROVES ON NEWTON Whose Approximations Hold for Most Motions, but Not Those of the Highest Velocity. INSPIRED AS NEWTON WAS But by the Fall of a Man from a Roof Instead of the Fall of an Apple."

It looks pretty damn good for a centenarian doesn't it?!?

Feel free to post well-wishes to the birthday boy here.
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