Author Topic: Boeing and NASA progress through critical CST-100 Starliner milestones  (Read 5383 times)

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Good article! It fills a void (there isn't that many CST-100 articles in the press).

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Once again, NSF does a super job of illuminating a fascinating part of the commercial spaceflight program.

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Very good round up. Starliner doesn't gain much media, so this will help a lot of fans.

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Very good overview, much more depth than available anywhere else. It's good to see that Starliner is progressing well towards its April and July 2017 flights without any major hiccups, and also that there are review boards already in place to arbitrate differences between Boeing Corp and NASA. That should lead to a smooth certification process. Nice writing - thanks.
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Love the article, minor nitpick:
which overseas mission control
Otherwise, a very nice read about the processes involved - As others have mentioned, Starliner press is relatively sparse at the moment, so reading that 15 different milestones have been recently completed is splendid.


(Edit: Thanks Tom - got it. Chris).
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I will echo the others: what a fantastic job this article did in digging out lots of detail on how Starliner is progressing. It is entirely too frustrating to actively search for information regularly on this important program elsewhere and across the web, and not be able to find much anything worthwhile or substantive. Bingo: NSF proves itself again to be the go-to source for real information on what is what right now in the world of spaceflight.