Author Topic: ULA + CISLunar1000 roadmap  (Read 52178 times)

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Re: ULA + CISLunar1000 roadmap
« Reply #140 on: 05/02/2018 11:22 PM »
Welcoming by @torybruno to the lunar mining camp design workshop today at @ulalaunch. The big sheet on the table is a master plan for moving civilization beyond Earth! (That's the ultimate goal, IMO.) 😀 Excited to be here.

That's me at the far table straight ahead of the camera... It was a fun meeting. Some good ideas there, though a lot of work between here and there. It was fun getting some of my crazy ideas out there.


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Re: ULA + CISLunar1000 roadmap
« Reply #143 on: 11/04/2018 09:49 AM »

The SLS may get you and your cargo to lunar orbit but you still need a lander. The mighty Saturn V could only deliver a light weight lander, the LEM, which had a payload capacity similar to that of a family car. The heavy modules needed to make habitats. manned rovers and industrial machinery will require much bigger landers.

Reducing the price of a SLS delivery of lander fuel from a billion dollars to half a billion just means that the ISRU propellant has to cost less than half a billion to make. I suspect the break even point is around the point at which the propellant made weighs more than the mass of the machinery needed to mine and refine the propellant.