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So yeah, I kinda missed the social media bus, but we required a twitter feed for the site, so I set it up and I post links to new articles (it was like a handy RSS feed). Although it seemed a bit dull to just post links, so it's also me chatting and responding to the good folk of Twitter.

Anyhoo, I tweeted a vague, but excited, comment the other day (attached at the bottom)....because I was extremely excited! (Still am). Most of my tweets only get a few responses (see above about being late to the social media party.) However, this one seemed to go crazy face really fast (and is actually getting crazier as we speak). Should I have said nothing? Probably, but one has to roll with what one does, and I have to be me, for better or worse! ;D

So I better explain. Yes, I am extremely excited. I personally think it's the most exciting info I've ever had the privilege of seeing. No, I've not reported it. No it's not "in L2". Yes, I want to report it. Yes am I working through a process to see what I can report (that's VERY, VERY important because otherwise you can inadvertently cause damage to a company and I'd be mortified if that happened - or lose context, accuracy, etc). I know what routes to take and I'm taking them.

At the very, very least - be it if another site throws some of it out there before us, or SpaceX wish to embargo (the opposite ends of the spectrum)....I can say to you, with a lot of confidence, everything one hopes SpaceX is, has been promising and may become, is more than you could have hoped for. We all know the forward plan, but I think we're all going to be blown away by just how big those plans are, even if only half of it becomes a reality. Maybe that's just my opinion, but I'm a SpaceX fan like the rest of you, so I doubt anyone will react with "Oh, just that and that? Meh" ;D

I know some of you will want to push me into spilling and some people will think I'm a d--k for following a process and not just posting everything I know the second I hear it, but I doubt I'd ever have even seen any of the information in the first place had I been known for not following due process. And a hint from me that we should be heading into a very exciting period is better than me turning around in X months time and saying "yeah, I knew this back in October 2015, but I didn't say anything to you guys". Now that would be a d--k move. ;)

Sorry for rambling ;)

(Ended up locking this thread because it turned into a party thread, and we're forgetting one very, very important caveat: )
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I'm also excited that you and our site has gain the professional reputation from the space industry to allow us see such first hand information.  I'm proud that I'm a member of this site.  I can't for the day yo will let us how what you have seen. 

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 This better not turn out to be one of those "Merlin gains .05 ISP" things.
 Now "Boca Chica residents offered 75% off Mars ticket price" would be something worth being excited about.

 Maybe Gwenne was serious about that intergalactic engine.
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Heh, tease of the year.

Glad to hear things are as mind blowing as I thing/hope they are :)

Also hoping this means that the (aptly named?) "big reveal" is going to happen soon.

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Well, I don't think anyone was worried that SpaceX' plans might not be big enough.

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Heh, tease of the year.

Glad to hear things are as mind blowing as I thing/hope they are :)

Also hoping this means that the (aptly named?) "big reveal" is going to happen soon.

Due to credibility issues it will have to be after RTF.

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What's interesting is the context. To the general, well informed fan, that tease would certainly light up one's imagination.

But keeping track of what our community has been up to in some of the L2 SpaceX threads...and THEN reading what Chris wrote, well...that just takes things to a whole other level. Excited to see where this goes but not in a rush to get there. Not yet anyways...
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If you think it's killing us not knowing, think of how bad it is killing Chris not being able to tell.

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Heck, we waited months for SpaceX to post an RTF date.
We can wait a while for what could be even more important.
Chris is not known for hyperbole, so I trust it will be every bit as big as he has hinted.
Like catdlr, I am proud to be supporter of a site that has worked it's way into the inner circles and by doing so uncovers such fascinating stuff.
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me turning around in X months

Months?  Months??   MONTHS!!?  ???   Aughhh!
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They're testing you Chris... ;D
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"Pointless Thread Alert - That tweet of mine that's got a lot of attention"

Best Party thread title ever!

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🚀                                           🚀                                              🚀

Chris.....Watch the soothing rockets cross the screen.....

You are getting sleepy.......Very sleeeeepy.....

You want to PM your L2 members all your SpaceX secrets.........

Now type.............just................type....................
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That means no more than 23 months (otherwise you would have said years, right?).

The clock is ticking.    Don't let us down Chris! Though SpaceX might.....

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I guess its official then...Chris has seen the Master plans for MCT, Mars Colony architechture, Raptor test data, and alien spaceship FLT drive technology from captured UFO's at Area 51.   Anything less will be a big letdown.


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Thanks Chris!

Patience is a virtue! After CRS7 the year has fehlt somewhat glacial, so your teaser sure livened up my spirits! That said, we have RTF and the first landings ahead of us before the year is out, so no need to rush and burn bridges in the process. If you say that SpaceX is fair dincum and all we hope and dream off that is good enough for me for now, like the moment at Christmas when you rattle the box wondering what is inside...  :)

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I'm looking forward to hearing whatever it is!

Kudos to Chris for doing this right.

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Sorry if I added to the tidal wave of responses on twitter, Chris, but that was a heck of a tweet! Really looking forward to the day you can share, that will be an article I pour over a few times.

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If it's nothing that you can release at the moment (or even for a long time), the better choice would have been to sit on it until then.

Yeah, I understand excitement. But still.  :)