Author Topic: Which presidential candidate would be best for the space program?  (Read 149577 times)

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"As a political candidate, I’ll go with what people feel,” rather than the actual facts." Gingrich on how unscientific America is  

Quote from: Forbes
1. The full suite of facts doesn’t say what you want it to say, so you pick out the few facts that support your non-factual position and talk about them.

2. The average American doesn’t think that the facts says what they actually say...

3. What people feel about an issue is more important than what the actual facts behind the issue are."

...rather than outworking and out thinking the rest of the world.

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I guess now we know since Hillary just conceded.

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I'ma guessing Trump...

Elon Musk has extra incentive to get to Mars, now :-/

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...  However as of today the U.S. does not have a problem here on Earth that sending government employees to Mars solves.

Well... Now it does.

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And China and Russia are not selling commercial comsats that anybody wants to buy.

China and Russia are selling commercial comsats. Its not a huge number, but its not zero. This year China launched Belintersat 1. Next year they are launching Alcomsat 1. Both satellites are Chinese made. Russia are also selling comsat buses, usually with Western payloads. See for example the Blagovest satellites. They are also selling full satellites, for example Angosat.
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