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Apollo spacesuit zipper
« on: 06/17/2015 07:34 pm »
does anybody understand, how the Apollo space suit zipper could be airtight sealed?
I understand, that the Pressure Garment had two zippers, inner and outher, with a rubber among them:   (attachment below)

I can imagine, that the beginning (shown above, on the back near the neckring) could be airtight.
But what about the crotch end ?

If the inner zipper could be closed from inside, I again am able to imagine airtight closing. But the (red) pull string of the inner zipper had to be operated from outside and could acted as source of air leakage, caught among the rubber sealing bands.
 So, can anybody explain, how the end of the Pressure Garment zipper was solved?
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Re: Apollo spacesuit zipper
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