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The nearest of NEOs
« on: 06/06/2015 09:17 pm »
2006 RH120
"2006 RH120 is a tiny near-Earth asteroid with a diameter of about 2–3 meters that
ordinarily orbits the Sun but makes close approaches to the Earth–Moon system around every
twenty years,[6] when it can temporarily enter Earth orbit through temporary satellite capture
(TSC). Most recently it was in Earth orbit from September 2006 to June 2007"
Analysis has shown that solar-radiation pressure is perturbing its motion perceptibly. However,
Paul Chodas in JPL's Solar System Dynamics Group suspects that the perturbations are consistent
with expectations for a rocky object but not with old flight hardware. One hypothesis is that
the object is a piece of lunar rock ejected by an impact. On 18 February 2008, the object
was given a minor planet designation."

2006 RH120 tops the list of lowest delta-V NEO:
1   99.99      2006 RH120   
From LEO DELTA-V: 3.820   
DELTA-V from lunar 0.637   from mars: 0.606 {I assume from lunar and Mars escape.]

2006 RH120 is currently .116 AU [stays within this distance for 5 month]. And getting as
near as .113 AU and over next 5 years not going further than .18 AU from Earth.

In terms of km, .116 AU is 149597870700 meters times .116, which is 17.35 million km
Which light travels in 57.88 seconds. So about 1 minute.

The next 4 on list above are also less the 3.9 delta-V from LEO. They also wiki commentary
though first 3 are only in Indonesian wiki [with link be translated to English].
Or 2007 UN12:
From and entering 2007 UN12.
2007 UN12 currently is fairly far from earth.
As is 2010 UE51, 2012 TF79, and with 2009 BD in next few years the closer of 4 at about .5 AU.

Of the 5 lowest delta-v, 2006 RH120 is nearest to Earth at moment and in 2006 was in Earth orbit.
If 2006 RH120 was blasted of the Moon, it seems that it would be a cheap way to get a lunar sample
from. Though possible it's some stage of a rocket or a space rock not from the Moon.   
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