Author Topic: A bet on whether re-usable is really cheaper  (Read 9196 times)

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Re: A bet on whether re-usable is really cheaper
« Reply #80 on: 04/20/2018 10:50 PM »
Nothing is proven strictly from anything except maybe mathematics, y’all. We’re talking preponderance of evidence. For everything.

"Reuse is cheaper" boils down to "price of rocket A < price of rocket B", which is a simple mathematical relation and can be proven.

Even in the case where "A" is the same rocket as "B", just with reuse.  We simply need someone to buy both and tell us how much they paid... :D

It doesn't boil down to that at all.  Customer price is not the meaningful measure of cheapness for the purpose of this discussion and any wagers therefrom.
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Re: A bet on whether re-usable is really cheaper
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I'd take the bet right now except for 2 things:

1. I think because it's crossing various governmental boundaries that it may be illegal in the US.

2. It'll be a fairer bet when it's all Block 5 boosters.

I'm amused by the idea that if re-use wasn't a good thing SpaceX wouldn't be doing it. Considering the foolishness that Elon is doing over at Tesla, I wouldn't be surprised at all if SpaceX wasn't also neck-deep in folly.

So, once they go all Block 5 and I know I won't be violating gambling laws, I'll check back on this thread and see if the bet is still on.

This looks promising.

If you have Paypal, I could simply send you the initial amount.  Then after each Block 5 launch for the next 3 years, we settle up, also by Paypal. If your PayPal account is not USA-based, then it would make more sense to do in blocks, perhaps every 10 launches, since there are international transfer fees.   But if you have, or could establish, a USA based account, then we could settle after every launch, since transfers are free.