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Sim at Udvar-Hazy
« on: 03/10/2015 04:19 pm »
I went to Udvar-Hazy for the first last weekend. Discovery was impressive. The people working there were very nice. Downstairs underneath the hallway entrance was a cockpit "sim" for approach and landing. It had operating CSS in both the CDR and PLT locations, but no speed brakes. They also had "working" switches for landing gear deploy and chute deploy / release. Everything else was pretty much decals. The approach starts just before intercepting the HAC and goes through all the way to wheels stop. There was a mission control center of sorts about 10 feet away where you could watch the approaches live as done by other people. I had my turn at the approach and after all was said and done a person from the MCC came out and asked, "who just made that landing?" I said I did, to which he replied it was a very good one. He said I kept everything centered and executed the flare perfectly. Toot toot. Now I am sure he says that to everybody but i'd like to believe that all the HUD videos I've seen and the many questions and answers I have read here on the forums helped. :)

Does anyone know what sim software they are using? I saw a server cabinet next to the sim with several Dell workstations.