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Re: General Falcon and Dragon discussion (Thread 12)
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And even further out, maybe it will be as in the current airline industry, and won't matter WHAT you're flying just as long as you GET there, dependent only on market conditions. Elon Musk has repeatedly compared tossing a rocket to tossing an airplane.

BTW, is your counterintuitive assertion something you're certain will be true in the near future, or just a guess? Took me by surprise and probably a lot of other people. I can see some of the reasoning, but testing & retesting a vehicle that doesn't have to be completely rebuilt each time implies only incremental upcharges.

This is not counterintuitive.  It is how the commercial launch services market operates today.  Customer do not care what they are flying on, as long as they have sufficient confidence that the payload will get to the right place at the right time, and at the right price.  The primary difference is how each customer determines a  sufficient level of confidence.

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Re: General Falcon and Dragon discussion (Thread 12)
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Really need the new thread now people continually drag this into ULA vs SpaceX.

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