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IRNSS Nominal Constellation
« on: 02/03/2015 08:31 pm »
Are the nominal orbit parameters of the full 7-satellite IRNSS constellation (3 GSO and 4 IGSO) available? I have the orbit longitudes. But I'm looking for the relative phasing information for the IGSOs in particular. A table of the nominal Keplerian elements for all seven satellites (as we have for the full Galileo constellation) would be helpful. Thanks.
-- (Prof.) Richard Langley

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Re: IRNSS Nominal Constellation
« Reply #1 on: 02/04/2015 04:02 pm »
Hello Professor, as far as I know, ISRO has not published  any table featuring nominal Keplerian elements of all the seven satellites of the constellation. Also, there are some slight variations in the data that has been published by ISRO till date.

From all the data that is available online, this is what I know:

55E longitude, 29 inclination, GSO          [IRNSS-1A]
55E longitude, 29 inclination, GSO          [IRNSS-1B]
83E longitude, GEO                                  [IRNSS-1C]
34E longitude, GEO
131.5E longitude, GEO
111.5E longitude, 29 inclination, GSO
111.5E longitude, 29 inclination, GSO

There are plans  for 4 other IGSO satellites to augment the constellation later on:
48.5E longitude, 42 inclination, GSO
69E longitude, 42 inclination, GSO
97.5E longitude, 42 inclination, GSO
121.5E longitude, 42 inclination, GSO





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