How close to the center of the barge will the first stage land?

Failed landing burn, aborted, or other mishap
6 (1.3%)
Landing on water surface at any point from barge
8 (1.8%)
Landing partially or wholly on barge but partial or complete vehicle loss
66 (14.8%)
Landing partially or wholly on barge but not on center, vehicle intact
209 (47%)
Landings on the center of the barge (center of stage inside center circle)
156 (35.1%)

Total Members Voted: 445

Author Topic: Predict accuracy of upcoming DSCOVR Mission attempted barge landing  (Read 24055 times)

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Didn't Elon himself say that it should blow up for a different reason?   ;)

No.  He said that he hoped that if it blew up, it would at least be for a different reason.  ;)

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Reading - it still IS fundamental. ;)

Next rocket landing on drone ship in 2 to 3 weeks w way more hydraulic fluid. At least it shd explode for a diff reason.

That wasn't a quote I saw.  I heard him talking about it in an interview at the Texas Dept. of Transportation @~19m:10s
Quote from: Elon Musk
...we ran out of hydraulic fluid last time. So, I think we may fail the landing again, but hopefully for a different reason.

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On the Barge, vehicle intact, I have my cigar ready. 8)
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Center of the barge - upright and unharmed... With the Russian headline:
      SpaceX hits barge again, but fails for second time to sink it. 
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It'll be dead center, just as intended, because the last attempt gave them a pile of telemetry data to up their game and iron out any further bugs.

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It will land with all legs well inboard, but 10-feet or more off-centre.

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It will land on the Barge, a bit off centre. any newspaper or media outlet that uses a name like "Just Testing" or "Now We'll Try it My Way" should win an award. If it doesn't work, there are a load of titles here too:

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Whens the next landing attempt? Also will the uprating of the merlin allow them to do boostback attempts for GTO missions?

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Whens the next landing attempt? Also will the uprating of the merlin allow them to do boostback attempts for GTO missions?

April. CRS-6.

Two GTO missions before that without legs.

No idea when uprated Merlin-1D will fly - not before April at least.