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The below site rules, site policies and Terms Of Service are baselined and continually added to and are automatically applied to all posts both in the future and encompassing all existing posts made on the entire forum. All elements covered in this rules thread are binding for all visitors without exception.

This site is not responsible for the content posted on the forum as this is a live post site, as opposed to pre-approval uploading, but it will use housekeeping rules to remove content that is alerted to the site, the moderators, etc.

Details on request for moderation, content removal, and related actions are listed below.

Basic rules:

This is - especially for a site's forum of this size and visitation - a surprisingly polite and sensible place that avoids the relaxed free for all social media style forums that are popping up all over the internet. However, we must - as a community - continue to keep to that standard, ensuring the new members who join every day fit into the forum netiquette by nature of its established tone.

These are the "rules" - Terms of Service (as some sites call them) for all members, in all sections, for all posts.

Rule 1: Be civil. Respect other members. Treat other members as you would in real life face to face. An anonymous name on the internet does not give you the right to turn into a troll. Trolls will be removed from the forum.

Rule 2: Stay on topic. We have some long, specific threads here. They need to adhere to the thread title. Interesting side topics should be given their own thread - so by all means start splinter threads, and link in both threads to allow others to follow.

Rule 3: No "King of the Internet" attitudes. It can happen to anyone, especially someone who is well-versed in a particular subject matter. Under that guidance, remember you probably don't know who you're conversing with. It could be a nine year old kid who just got his first model rocket and about to become a space flight fan, or it could be Elon Musk....OK, maybe not the latter, but you need to show caution when responding to someone, especially if you're correcting them.

Rule 4: Copyright. Do not post the entire text of another site's article. Link and use the headline abstract only.

Rule 5: Do not respond to a breach of the above points. That causes twice as much work for the moderators. ALWAYS report the post, with a short comment as to why you are reporting it (such as "rude" - or "in the wrong place", etc.). Every post other than your own has a report tab, which you can use, which results in the moderators being sent an alert e-mail, to which they can opt to act on or disgree with the complaint.

If you find you have had a post moderated, it's nothing personal, it's housekeeping and required.

Serious rules, per legal requirements:

Rule 7: This is a site that covers space flight and all related elements that include commercial companies. Do not post any content that is tagged with any of the sensitive warning words, such as ITAR, Export Control, proprietary....things like that, even if found it on a public site. That would have been their mistake, let's not make it ours.

Rule 8: If you are involved with any space flight company, be it directly or a contractor, do not post anything close to the above (which should be obvious per your employment rules and NDA) and do not post any news that isn't approved for release or has permission to be posted on the open internet. While this site is not responsible for such posts, request for a removal of content that is found to be related to the above will see its removal and your banning from the site. Serious breaches/complaints will never be allowed to harm this site's reputation and as such we hold the right to pass on your IP address details to the complaining company. Normally sites do not do that, especially media sites. However, we take our relationships with these companies extremely seriously. We do not encourage "leaks".

Rule 9: Do not impersonate someone who works for, or is a contractor of, a space flight company. A regular mistake can happen when people pick usernames that reflect their favorite company - such as "Bob ULA" or some version - which is fine so long as you do not pretend to be involved with them if you aren't. That is a bannable offense.

Rule 10: Request for post/content removal. Per the serious rules, this would be more urgent than alerting a moderator. As such, for example, a company that has spotted a post of content that breaches the above serious rules, please contact [email protected] for immediate action. Again, no posts on here are made with a pre-approved/vetted process, it is a live post site, so never assume the sanctioning - or our responsibility - of any content posted here, but be assured we will take removal requests seriously - to which point it is the company's responsibility to alert us and we will remove the content.

TOS Edits:
Opening rules  - site start - 2005. Multiple refinements over the years as the community grew.
Edit: 2015 Major Revision.
Edit: May 2016. Additional guidance.
Edit: Dec. 2017: Additional guidance.
Edit: March, 2018: Additional guidance.
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