Author Topic: SpaceX F9 : Bangabandhu-1 : KSC 39A : May 4, 2018 : Discussion  (Read 43861 times)

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A launch time has been posted for May 4th: 2000-2225 GMT (4:00-6:25 p.m. EDT)

Thanks, thats fantastic news :) This launch is arguably more important than FH (arguably because I think it is but most might not agree). I am on a business trip that day but should be home by that time. :)

It's more important in that the Block 5 F9 is going to be doing something like 90% of their launches.

But it's all the same technology, so I think it's splitting hairs.

Hard to be the raw awesomeness and excitement of the FH.

Obviously both FH and F9B5 are important for their own reasons.  B5 (along with Boeing) are critical for a return for HSF from US soil.  If I had to pick which one to see in person, it would be FH (even the second flight).  B5's coolness factor is mostly hidden from view.