Author Topic: Q&A with ULA's Dr. George Sowers per ULA/Blue Origin announcement  (Read 57072 times)

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ULA's George Sowers - VP, Strategic Architecture & Advanced Programs at ULA - United Launch Alliance - Lockheed Martin & Boeing - has agreed to a Q&A session with members of the NSF forum, relative to the Blue Origin announcement.  Dr. Sowers has been leading this activity for ULA.

Keep your questions to single points, one question, per each member, in one post, so as not to overload. They need to be on topic.

First questions can be posted below. Dr. Sowers will be around this weekend and early next week to answer them.

Resulting quotes are obviously copyright to NSF. (I'll be looking to create an article from anything interesting at a later point).

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 When did ULA become involved with BE-4, and what was the basic reasoning behind becoming involved?

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First of all, really happy to see this development! In addition to the engine cooperation between ULA and Blue origin, are there any plans to cooperate on other areas? For example on reusable rocket boosters?[/size]

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Didn't Atlas V vs Delta IV show that kerolox first stage with expensive engine is cheaper than hydrolox first stage with cheap engine? Why compromise with methalox?

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Why did ULA choose to anandon RP-1 and switch to methane?

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What will be the major milestones for this project, and what is the associated timeline?

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Is ULA pursuing multiple complementary strategies, paralleling Delta IV (hydrolox) and Atlas V, with these changes? Specifically how much is a BO derivative following the Atlas V Phase 1/2 direction changes like 5 meter first stage, and how much of existing Atlas V 4 meter is retained?

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Is  a modified/new upper stage part of the current trade studies?

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Is ULA planning continued use of the Atlas V solids with its new launch vehicle?
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Will the switch to BE-4 methane engines enable later versions of Atlas to be reusable?

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Can you give a status update for ULA's Integrated Vehicle Fluids program?

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Thank you for answering questions Dr. Sowers.

You may not be able to share much about it, but I'd be very interested to hear anything you can say about the evolution of ULA launch vehicles that will be using this engine. Is this the beginning of a common launch vehicle family?

Congratulations on starting a new program and good luck as well working with Boeing on CCtCap.

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What is the expected timeframe for Blue Atlas, and how does that compare to the schedule for the XCOR-powered upper stage? Is ULA committed to seeing both of these projects through to operational status?

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What kind of various flight configurations will the new LV feature?

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Will the redesigned Launch Vehicle(s) be known by a new name, other than Atlas 5?
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What potential synergies, if any, do you see between the Blue Origin/ULA partnership decision and other programs, such as DARPA XS-1? Does this decision better position BO/ULA as a more attractive prospect in relation to, or even to potentially take the lead in any other potential programs?

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Will ULA also use the Blue Origin BE-3 engine for the upper stage, or will there be an open competition for the upper stage engine? 

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Are you planning on the same payload to GTO as Atlas or larger?

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Thanks for doing this!

What are the expected pad modifications required to support this new family of launch vehicles?
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