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The Darwin Millennium Space Rock
« on: 08/28/2014 03:24 pm »
Today, the 28th August 2014 , marks the 15th anniversary of the return to Earth of The Darwin Millennium Space Rock (DMSR) It was carried  for Phill Parker by cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev aboard Soyuz TM 39 .

 In 1998 , Phill Parker - from Newcastle,Staffordshire,UK - thought it a fitting tribute to  Charles  Darwin if he flew a small piece of Dolerite rock - from the  Darwin discovered Butterton igneous dyke near Newcastle - to the  MIR space station. Its aim was to highlight the strong likelihood that in this,  the third millennium , human beings are likely to discover extra terrestrial life .   And, if we humans do make contact with extra terrestrial life then, like Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" theory for development of  earth life , then we will need to understand the theory of evolution of extra terrestrials.

The DMSR was launched on the 13th August 1998 aboard Soyuz TM 28 which later docked with the MIR Space Station. The DMSR remained aboard MIR  and was in space for a total of 378 days.
 The DMSR has been displayed many times in museums andat many space  lectures since its return to Earth.  Any group or education organization wanting to display  The Darwin Millennium Space Rock and associated space flown items can request Phill Parker by emailing him at spaceuk (at )

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Phill Parker