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Offline Chris Bergin

New section now live, splitting out the reusable Falcon effort threads into a specific section. This covers Grasshopper to F9-R, other test vehicles and all the way through to FH-R and BFR-R.

This is warranted as the general section was becoming dominated by this subject. With a new section we can add a party thread, start some new main threads (with the previous not being hidden 10 pages away) and have some flexibility with the amount of specific threads required to cover this vitally important and very interesting subject.

Per my planning effort, we fully expect to have a 10 section SpaceX area of the forum, along with two L2 SpaceX sections, within two to three year's time.

As always, ensure your posts are worthwhile. Thousands and thousands of people read your posts. And if you can, support this site via L2 membership, which is a must for SpaceX fans alone, and allows us to keep these big sections and heavily read threads open to all.