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HTV-2 scratchbuild
« on: 06/29/2014 12:01 am »
This is a 1/72 scale scratch build of Japan's HTV-2 Kounotori spacecraft.  I based it on the AXM paper model download, upscaled 2x.  It's mainly a piece of PVC pipe, with lots of sheet and square rod for the details.

After the surface detailing, I primed it and used orange, gold, and silver candy foils to replicate the blankets.  The solar panels are the AXM drawings printed out and laminated with packaging tape for that healthy gloss (looks so real only a rocket scientist can tell!).  The grab handles are brass rod bent with a grab handle bending tool I purchased from MicroMark; it was a blessing to have uniformly sized pieces!  The RCS thrusters are just bits of brass tube, the larger thrusters are from a set of nozzles from Kotobukiya I found at the Starship Modeler shop.

I'm happy with the build and it will have a place in my 1/72 modern spacecraft fleet.
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Re: HTV-2 scratchbuild
« Reply #1 on: 06/29/2014 12:32 am »
An often forgotten vehicle, but a great model!

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Re: HTV-2 scratchbuild
« Reply #2 on: 06/29/2014 01:45 am »
Well done Jeff.
That is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
Each time I see a great model that is based on my designs, it brings me a big smile.
Thanks again.

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Re: HTV-2 scratchbuild
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That is fantastic!  Nice job!

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Re: HTV-2 scratchbuild
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Very nice! I like the use of candy wrappers for the blankets.