Author Topic: No Joke: NASA Working on Warp Drive  (Read 27515 times)

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Re: No Joke: NASA Working on Warp Drive
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I base my argument on the fact that i think a physically inverted gravity well is the same in all particulars (effects) as a negative gravity field. the gradient should do the exact same thing as a deformation caused by negative mass or energy. the question that true or not? if not why not?

that I can answer: the sign of the second differential of the potential will be opposite between the positive and negative energy case.

ok. you know that alcubierre related graphic that represents space in front of around and behind a space ship? i am not saying that gravity is what deforms that space in the graphic. but it seems that since gravity (the presence of mass, etc) does deform space in the same way, and poop always runs down hill, if a gravity well were to pull "up" on space behind the ship then the ship would slide downhill from that well and if space were pulled in the opposite direction in the front of the ship it would also roll down that hill as well.

really i guess the issue is i do not see how a properly positioned gravitational field would not have the same effect on the ship. i am not talking about mathematical equations and such. i know that the signs for negative mass energy are obviously the opposite of positive or normal matter.  i am going by what the negative matter/energy is supposed to do physically to space for the concept.

in my mind the most tenuous iffy part of what i am saying is not an imparted motion due to gravity. its; is this slide equivalent to expanding space behind the ship and contracting it before the ship?
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