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Re: Suborbital launch schedule
« Reply #40 on: 05/12/2018 09:10 pm »
Please explain in the area below why an STA is necessary:
Project Janus at Capitol Technology University plans to fly two iridium SBD modems and Raspberry Pi computers into a sub-orbital altitude. The experiment is designed to see if two Iridium satellite modems can communicate in tandem from two separate payloads. Since this gear will fly above 70km for (5-min), an STA is requested for this flight.

Purpose of Operation
The experiment is designed to see if two Iridium satellite modems can communicate in tandem from two separate payloads. The equipment will work on 1616-1625Mhz (typical of Iridium L-band). The launch date of the sub-orbital rocket from NASA is scheduled for lift-off in the month of August 2018, the entire flight will last 15 minutes. With 5 minutes of communication at apogee above 70Km. The launch is via the ROCKSAT-X program from Colorado Space Grant Consortium and Wallops Flight Facility (NASA). Launch date is determined by Wallops Flight Facility (NASA) and maybe subject to change.

Requested Period of Operation
Operation Start Date:   08/11/2018
Operation End Date:   08/15/2018

Re: Suborbital launch schedule
« Reply #41 on: 01/02/2019 06:01 am »
CAPER 2 launch from Andoya, window 02-17 Jan 0700-1200 daily

A0420/18 NOTAMN
Q) BIRD/QRTCA/IV/BO/W/000/999/
A) BIRD B) 1901020700 C) 1901171200
ACFT FLT WI 803205N 0162322E 812700N 0375845E 834518N
0525019E 861424N 0594831E 881105N 0241616E 862956N 0234132W 834819N
0171645W 813911N 0023738W WHICH REGARD  BIRD FIR

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Re: Suborbital launch schedule
« Reply #42 on: 01/13/2019 09:31 pm »
Andoya Space Center: CASPER-2 & G-CHASER
have been launched Jan. 4 & Jan. 13 2019.
Both part of the CUSP GCI project. (4/9 missions ; 6/12 rockets completed)
CUSP GCI missions left to launch:
- AZURE  2x BBXI (51.001 & 51.002) ASC Apr. 2019
- ICI-5  (? IM: Improved Malemute) SvB (Ny-Alesund, Svalbard) Jan. or Dec. 2019
- C-REX-2  BB XII  ASC  Nov/Dec. 2019
- CHI  BB IX  SvB  Nov/Dec. 2019
- JAXA  SS-520 Svb  Jan.2020

Also finally a update from SSC (Esrange Space Center) DIRECT LINK
Lots of TBD launches again. (hopefully it doesn't go like last year) Four Six decided launch missions:
- REXUS 25/26  2x Imp. Orion (IO) (and possibly REXUS 23) Feb./March 2019
- SARA 4 (PERSEUS Student rocket, France) April 2019
- ATEK/MAPHEUS-8  IM/VS-30 May/June 2019 (I wonder; is this a Imp.Malemute staging to a S-30 or vice-versa)
- MASER 14  VSB-30  June/July 2019
- SPIDER 2 IM (Improved Malemute) Jan/Feb. 2020
- REXUS 27/28  2x Imp. Orion March 2020
I think the STERN DLR Student launches are note worthy:
Three launch opportunities: 2019 (Okt./Nov); 2020-1 (March) & 2020-2 (June/July 2020)

DLR MORABA also is planning to introduce two new Sounding rockets:
- IM/IO : Improved Malemute | Imp. Orion
- IM/IM : Imp. Malemute | Imp. Malemute  used for MAPHEUS-10, -11 &-12

I expected more launches from Andoya than from Esrange this year, but I'm happy to be wrong.

Let's also include the PLDspace MIURA-1  sounding rocket that should have it's maiden launch Q3 or Q4 2019 from CEDEA Spain.
I'll leave it with this. ...
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