Author Topic: The best ways to get around Mars  (Read 126011 times)

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Re: The best ways to get around Mars
« Reply #480 on: 12/28/2016 12:02 pm »
Another random thought that might be easily dismissed but I thought I would throw it out there in case it fits:

A possible way to survive a fall at the expense of life support hours would be a fast-inflating single person habitat. When your rocket fails You could use this for a sort of balloon landing, which has been exploited by landers in the past. There are various ways that losing this tiny habitat could limit your life support. Perhaps this thing is connected to your suit life support to save weight. You could be losing the air or simply damaging the mechanism. The habitat itself could perhaps have provided indefinite lifesupport via solar power when deployed. I think this only requires like 100w which is very doable. Without it you are limited to whatever you can manage without leaving your suit which could become quite unpleasant.

In another thread it was mentioned that a polycarbonate pressure vessel could weigh as little as 2.5kg/m3. A 2m3 example might be enough to room to get out of your suit. You can probably do much better than polycarbonate with miracle carbon materials.

LOL. This is better than my idea. I'm going to steal this concept of yours and add it into the book, if you don't mind.  :D

PM me your name if you want me to add you in the acknowledgement page of the book once its released..