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ISS expedition crews
« on: 08/15/2005 02:01 am »
Does anyone know how NASA and the international partners will organise ISS long-duration 'staffing' over the next few years? I do recall in the wake of the Columbia disaster, the agency reported that one US and one Russian HAD to be aboard the station as a minimum, in order to operate 'their' nation's respective segment. Does this imply that when Columbus and Kibo are attached, there MUST also be a European and Japanese expedition crew member aboard AT ALL TIMES to operate 'their' segment too?

If so, how will this be done? If the Soyuz-TMA flight rate is to be kept at April and October only, it presents something of a difficulty, with only one vacancy per mission (one Russian + one American + one other). Is the plan to have, say, a European aboard in the April-October 'slot' and a Japanese aboard in the October-April 'slot'? Or will the Russians double the number of Soyuz-TMA flights from 2 to 4 annually, to ensure a 'permanent' crew complement of one American, one Russian, one European and one Japanese at all times?

Furthermore, where do the Canadians stand in terms of long-duration expeditions? They don't have their 'own' laboratory module, so I assume they will be renting time aboard the other modules (?) Unless of course they plan to spend six-month increments playing with the Canadarm2 from dawn until dusk...

Does anyone have any comments about this?