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Hubble Space Telescope – The early years
« on: 06/04/2013 11:10 PM »
When you’re a shuttle hugger like me, of course you’ve already spotted this thread in the shuttle history section.

But those of you (especially guest viewers) searching for HST background information in the astronomy section may also be interested in the early years of Hubble – a time when the really spectacular views of the Universe weren’t possible yet, due to the spherical aberration.

But, as you’ll see, Hubble’s early results during 1990-1993 were quite promising…

Part One: HUBBLE’S PROMISE – The First of the Great Observatories

Part Two: HUBBLE’S LAUNCH – A Fairly Straight-Forward Deploy Mission

Part Three: HUBBLE’S TROUBLE – Mirror, Mirror

Part Four: HUBBLE’S REVELATIONS – Let There Be Light

Enjoy. :)
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