Author Topic: SpaceX Reusable Falcon 9 (Grasshopper ONLY) DISCUSSION Thread (3)  (Read 665809 times)

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Any place I've seen with controlled access in the last few years has access controlled by prox card, they'd know which badges were issued to the people and would have deactivated them whether or not they were returned.

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It's garbage like this that makes me afraid they'll shoot me when I show up at the gate on my motorcycle (hopefully next month).
At the very least I'll be able to get some nice pix from outside the fence.
Boca Chica Beach shouldn't have that much security yet. ;)
Playing Politics with Commercial Crew is Un-American!!!

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This is getting boring. Time for a new thread.

Thread 4 later.
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Thread 4 now live.

You know, we have some massive locked threads (discussions that moved to a fresh thread. I might set up a dedicated archive section at some point).