Author Topic: SpaceX Falcon 9/Dragon COTS Demo (C2+) PRE LAUNCH UPDATES (PART 2)  (Read 111509 times)

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Just under 9 hours, better step it up. :)

Looking forward to the article.
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William's filed his launch preview (and it's a good one!!) so one hour to get set up for publish and then the live thread...then a nap...then up two or three hours before launch :D

Super trooper!

I'm heading in soon, so I hope there aren't any surprises before launch!
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And just when you thought this mission couldn't get any more exciting, we could now be looking at a potential ISS Debris Avoidance Maneuver post Dragon launch. Would NOT be of any impact, however. :)

From ISS On-Orbit Status Report for 18/05/12

Conjunction Advisory:
Flight Controllers are tracking a conjunction with Object 00831 (Unknown) with TCA (Time of Closest Approach) Saturday (5/19) night at ~11:50 PM EDT/Sunday (5/20) morning at 3:50 AM GMT. [It should be noted that if required the DAM (Debris Avoidance Maneuver) for this object would occur after the planned SpaceX launch. There are no constraints against performing an ISS DAM during SpaceX rendezvous. If required, the Go/NoGo decision for a DAM would be tomorrow morning (5/19) at 12:20 AM EDT/4:20 AM GMT, for a DAM tomorrow (5/19) evening at 9:32 PM EDT/Sunday (5/20) morning at 1:32 AM GMT.]
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Well that's one hell of a long article by William Graham.

Thread redirect to the live coverage is next.