Author Topic: [Max-Q] Discovery Final Flight Video Compilations  (Read 5410 times)

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Here's the first of the videos we shot this week, which was highly successful as far as objectives went.  There will be plenty more video like this in our coming film - "Path To Discovery"

1. NASA 905/Discovery Flybys & Arrival at Udvar-Hazy - DOWNLOAD (Right Click, Save As... 62 mb MP4)

2. Enterprise Towed out of McDonnell Space Hangar - DOWNLOAD (Right Click, Save As... 162 mb MP4)

3. Discovery Towed to Podium- DOWNLOAD (Right Click, Save As... 273 mb MP4)

4. Enterprise Pushed Back to Clear Way for Discovery- DOWNLOAD (Right Click, Save As... 269 mb MP4)

5. Discovery Tow into McDonnell Space Hangar - DOWNLOAD (Right Click, Save As... 331 mb MP4)

Links are currently broken, but we will get them replaced with new shortly.

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