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--- Quote ---Ministry of Science & Technology21-March, 2012 16:38 IST
Human Space Fight Program
Indian space research organization (ISRO) has initiated pre-project Research and Development activities focusing on critical technologies for Human Space Fight Program. The funds allocated towards this are to the tune of 145 crore rupees. The distribution of funds for the various technical activities are under the major heads, Crew Module System (61 crore rupees), Man rating of launch vehicle (27 crore rupees), study contracts with national and international institutions (36 crore rupees) and other activities like aerodynamics characterization and mission studies (21 crore rupees). This information was revealed by Minister of State in PMO Shri V Narayansamy in reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.

The Minister said that as part of the preparation of the Project Report of the Human Spaceflight Program, a study has been conducted on absorbing the program into the overall plans of ISRO without de-emphasizing other commitments.

(Release ID :81367)
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what is the criteria for selection of astronauts for indian human spaceflight?


--- Quote from: himijosh on 05/29/2012 04:36 pm ---what is the criteria for selection of astronauts for indian human spaceflight?

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They provide ISRO with the funds to pay for a human spaceflight program.

ISRO orbital vehicle rendition. From the picture, the thermal protection system (TPS) of the OV is using silica tiles for the OV sides and carbon-carbon for the bottom. SRE uses similar TPS.

Whats the benefit of using silica rather than metallic TPS? Which other OV uses silica TPS?

Steven Pietrobon:
Looks similar to Dragon, but a bit smaller. An orbital module would be a handy addition, especially for Lunar missions. The crew module in the middle looks to be stretched. I like the three engine arrangement. Presumably, we have the main engine in the middle, with two backup engines at the sides.


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