Author Topic: CORONA Reconnaissance Satellite  (Read 11489 times)

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Re: CORONA Reconnaissance Satellite
« Reply #20 on: 04/30/2018 05:36 pm »
In the robert Perry history of the NRO it is mentionned NASA interet for Corona in the Earth resources survey mission. Of course ERTS-1 become Landsat-1 and flew in July 1972.

I wonder what kind of capability would Corona bring when compared to Landsat-1 ? 
I understand resolution would be far, far better, but remote sensing happens outside visible light - multispectral scans and the like.

Landsat used Vidicon electronic signal cameras when Corona used film buckets. Perhaps they would build a hybrid of Corona and Lunar Orbiter / SAMOS, with the old Bimat system ?
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Re: CORONA Reconnaissance Satellite
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The problem with using a film-readout system is that you run out of film. It limits the lifetime.

There's actually a decent amount of info on these proposals for turning over film systems to NASA. I don't know the specifics (I've forgotten), but I think that NASA lost interest. The film systems had a lot of capability by the late 1960s/early 1970s, but they were running into their limitations. Landsat and its technology approach had a lot more growth capability.