Author Topic: "Powder fuel base" on the moon, the moon alternative direction of colonization.  (Read 2014 times)

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"Powder fuel base" on the moon, the moon alternative direction of colonization and exploitation of extraterrestrial resources.
 The concept of "Powder fuel base" on the moon, can serve as an alternative focus commercialization program of lunar exploration and lunar resources.
  Resources base on the moon, producing finely divided lunar soil, which can be consumed by promising orbital tugs with plasma engines as the primary fuel. And also serve as raw material for the commercial development of productive activities in space manufacturing centers in low-Earth orbit.
 This trend gives the economic justification of industrial activities on the moon, without requiring very high costs and development of innovative technologies.
 Production of fine powder of the lunar soil does not require chemical or thermal processing of raw materials. And therefore technically simple, does not trumpet a lot of energy, has high efficiency. Equipment necessary for "Powder base" has a little weight and high cost, but has a high productivity.
 Powder ground shall be displayed on the lunar orbit mechanical catapult. Tether system, "Moon sling," which makes the cost of removing nearly junk, compared with reactive systems excretion.
 Lunar soil crushed to the consistency of dust-like powder, can be consumed by plasma engines as a fuel - a working body. Characteristics of plasma engines make their choice in not demanding the working fluid. The ability to consume solid fuel in a powder form of electric propulsion plasma, is determined only by the peculiarities of the fuel system.
 In addition, the moon, "Mineral dust" can serve as feedstock for the production of oxygen, which can be used as an oxidizer for engine control. Ceramic products that can be used as supporting structures and enclosures for near-Earth space station modules. Lunar soil can serve as feedstock for the production of metals, aluminum, iron, and titanium. Metal products can be widely used for various purposes and in space.
 Lunar resources are cheaper than the output from the earth. What also makes economic feasibility the development of industrial activities on Earth manned stations.
 Orbital tugs with plasma engines are more economical than conventional boost blocks. They allow you to move freely between the orbits and the planets. Forming a permanent orbital transport infrastructure, whose presence makes the exploration of space is much cheaper and easier.
 The availability of cheap sources of fuel for tugs on the moon, making them independent of the supply from the ground. And allows us to develop space transportation system away from the earth. Since the base with fuel sources based on "Powder fuel bases," you can create wherever there is astronomical objects. On the moon, on Mars, on asteroids, Mercury, rocky ground most readily available raw material in the galaxy.
 Project Powder lunar base fuel is relatively cheap and easily implemented. It has a high economic efficiency and investment attractiveness.
 Its practical implementation makes it costly to create a commercial resource base on the moon, which is essentially the lunar colony. If you have a profitable direction of colonization of the Moon, the Moon industrialization will rapidly develop, which eventually lead to full-scale colonization.
 The concept is unique in economic efficiency. This direction does not require large investments and technological innovations beyond the attainable. At the same time, its implementation can reduce the cost of multiple orbital flights, to begin the development of production in space. And to begin the commercial colonization of the moon, which in turn could be the start of practical colonization of outer space.
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To make sense this article needs some definitions adding, starting with "Powder fuel base".

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Are you saying turn moon rock into plasma engine fuel?

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What is the power source for the plasma engine and what is a plasma engine?

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I think he means like VASIMR style, where you turn electricity from any source into thrust by heating up stuff, and it goes out the back, sending you forward. On ISS they're planning to feed it hydrogen; other versions that don't use magnets to keep the stuff in line have to use noble gasses (argon is popular I guess?). Electricity source doesn't seem like the key problem here... the main problem i can see from my armchair is that rock in any form is heavy. Your ISP from a powder moon rock plasma would be terrible. No?  EDIT: Maybe also helps if your fuel of choice is a gas?
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