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ATCON Project and Beyond
by John Cooke on Wednesday, 16 November 2011 at 15:01

Dual Purpose for Earth / Mars or Europa.

Earth side can be tested first.

ATCON Project.

Remote Deployable Water Generation Filtration Unit.

A device that can be remotely deployed anywhere in the world and runs off a hybrid Photovoltaic / Hydrogen Fuel cell design to filter existing water as well as generate new water by condensing the humidity in the air around it.

Designed so that anyone can easily use it, The device filters water into pouches that automatically seal when full and deploy the next pouch for filling.

Can be hooked up to a generator if available as well as any other form of local electricity where available.


Neptune Rooftop Unit Collection Device.

Utilizes existing infrastructure to collect and filter the normal AC run off from Commercial buildings for purification and bottling.

Collects the normal runoff from a buildings AC unit.

Allows for mass stockpiling of potable water throughout any major city.

Actively monitors water levels at each location installed and provides real time information to the bottling plant as well as to Relief Agencies.

Integrates with disaster relief agencies to provide rapid water distribution to affected areas.

Water is collected every week and further refined and bottled at a local bottling plant providing "Atmosphere Global H20" Brand water for resale and also for stock piling / rapid deployment.

Utilizes a proprietary design for water collection and bottling, Minimizing cost and labor.

Rugged design of water tanks prevent bacterial growth but provide a clear screen for UV light to penetrate and sanitize.

Can be installed for little cost and deployed anywhere a building has a rooftop unit or external water runoff pipe.

Will help solve the worlds water consumption woes by reducing waste water treatment, easier on the environment, better for all as water is distributed from areas of plenty to areas with water concerns for the human populous.



If you want more information I am happy to give it, I want to help the world however I can and even if I cannot complete this idea myself, I wish the best intentions to those that can.

Designed and Developed by John Cooke. Austin. USA.


Mars / Europa

Instead of condensation providing water, Heating ice rich soil in a pressurized chamber should allow for the water to remain stable in the collection chamber on a Mars mission and would then allow the water to be broken into Hydrogen and Oxygen for rocket fuel.

Gravity Chambers could be utilized instead of the pouches for storage.

Input would be appreciated.


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I don't think you need the middle paragraph in your post.  To me it just takes up space.

Still it seems like your idea has some promise.  Any actual experts care to comment?
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