Author Topic: What if Apollo/Saturn Had never been Cancelled?  (Read 324861 times)

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Re: What if Apollo/Saturn Had never been Cancelled?
« Reply #880 on: 08/27/2018 10:26 pm »
Tri-core Saturn 5, anyone?

"Three-stage core" means that the core would have 3 stages, this 1992 document (on page 9) shows it having four side boosters with three F-1A engines each. So it would have 17 F-1A engines firing to produce 30.6 million pounds of thrust at liftoff. The payload is given as 281 mt (presumably to LEO but that isn't specified).

So just to be clear, this was a student project. My quick look indicates that they didn't really do this to meet a perceived need. Rather, it was a training project that posed a bunch of problems for the students to solve, like "What is the maximum noise that this big rocket will generate and how many alligators will it kill?" and "Will the rocket plume be so hot that it melts the rocket and blows it up?"

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