Author Topic: Argentina's SLV development  (Read 120776 times)

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Re: Argentina's SLV development
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Apparently, there was a fuel leak during fueling operations. It generated a fire in the aft section that for some cause to determine, closed the propellant supply valves to the engine.

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Re: Argentina's SLV development
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Re: Argentina's SLV development
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Two important new about the progress in the space program of Argentina:

They approve the satellite SabiaMar, very important mission scientific and the collaboration with Brazil  :D

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Re: Argentina's SLV development
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Google translate:
Current situation of the company

Veng SA carries out for the CONAE the development of the prototype of Launcher "Tronador II / III" included in the ISCUL Program (Satellite Injector for Light Useful Loads).

Said prototype is designed to have the capacity to place a satellite payload of between two hundred and fifty kilograms (250 kg) and one thousand kilograms (1000 Kg) in a polar orbit between six hundred kilometers (600 km) and seven hundred kilometers (700 km) high. ) of weight. To that end, liquid propellant engines are developed with ablative and regenerative combustion chamber and fuels and liquid comburents for these engines.

The structure of the launcher prototype, the avionics and the navigation, guidance and control systems of the launcher are also developed. For the purpose of qualifying the developed components, a flight prototype design and test plan is carried out, until arriving at a first prototype with satellite capacity, called "Tronador III Tecnológico", whose first test is scheduled for the end of 2019 .

The project Tronador II / III emerges as a continuity and a fusion of both projects, which allows to reuse to the maximum the engineering of the first in line with the achievement of the second, where increasing the burning times in the second stage can be achieved to inject more load useful in orbit with the same engineering. These two launcher models cover all the needs derived from the launches of future satellite missions developed with the concept of "segmented architecture", on the basis of which the satellite missions of the SARE series of CONAE are planned.

Source: Ministry of Finance

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Re: Argentina's SLV development
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Great work by CONAE and Argentinian  8)

Beautiful this video about the mission of Conae  :D sorry is in Spanish...

Web about the SAOCOM...

This is one step for the the space era of the Argentinian  8)

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Re: Argentina's SLV development
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I have a very important news, of a very good source from Argentinian...The next year, when they finish the development of Saocom B, they go to release information about the launcher Tronador III, they priorize the development of this rocket, before the 2...they have the development very advanced, much more that what we can imagine  :o

If I a have other new information about this, I will share...look up any news about this, this could be a enormous accomplish from Conae and Argentina  8) ...and for the region...