Author Topic: OV-104/ATLANTIS: Full Mission History/Tribute Feature Articles (PART 1,2 and 3)  (Read 20851 times)

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Not entirely on-topic, but I am not sure where I could break this news.. apparently the Atlantis tribute poster made by KSC PAO last year has been updated for STS-135. Notice the place of the STS-135 insignia... :)
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That's good, and I like your avatar tribute to Atlantis too ;D

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Final part is now on! Amazing, and emotional, work here by Chris Gebhardt:

Reaching the End: Atlantis and the Fight Against Retirement

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Thank you for such a superb tribute. No one, not even, will touch these for the amount of content and depth.

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I noted one factual error in part 3:

The paragraphs about STS-98 (Destiny) state that Atlantis delivered three permanent pressurized modules to the station, she actually delivered four: Destiny, Quest, Columbus and Rassvet.
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Excellent articles!

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Fantastic work Chris!

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Great series Chris!!!!  Though I think we'll have to agree to disagree about the "held the most meaningful name of all the Space Shuttles" thing, but then again, I'm biased.  ;)
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Awesome work, a great tribute to Atlantis and an excellent historical overview!

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Great review of shuttle history!

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Finally got through them all. It's enough to make a grown man cry. What amazing vehicles and crews.
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What a brilliant set of articles.  They typify the quality of work that establishes this website as the standard bearer of spaceflight coverage.

I loved the 'First Last Orbiter' heading in part 1 - a nod to STS-132's 'First Last Flight' for her.  Lot's of great points, like the number of internationally supported missions she flew and holding the record for fewest IPR's between flights.

Outstanding work Mr. Gebhardt.

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Bumping. Today is her final powerdown :(


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It's nearly the 5th Anniversary of the final Space Shuttle launch; STS-135 (July 8th). Any plans by anyone to commemorate it?

This link takes you to the magazine of my late organization; the N.Z. Spaceflight Association which has an article about my trip to cover this mission in 2011. Cheers, Matthew.
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