Author Topic: LIVE: STS-134 Flight Day 13-14 - CDRA, Farewells, Hatch Closure  (Read 58071 times)

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Holy smokes Ron.

I'm not an American, but I can sure appreciate those that love that glimmer of a flag in the upper left corner. Definitely something to be proud about: your work, America's investment in US-ISS complete, and a fantastic mission for STS-134.
I am proud whenever I see the glint of the Canadian flag as well on the Canadarm's, and the time and money invested in ISS by Canada.  ISS is great, a true international effort. 2013 ISS gets a Canadian Commander(Chris Hadfield).  I'm proud to be Canadian, and a neighbour/partener to the US.
Man, STS-134 was great.  The ascent imagery was great.


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