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Re: AJAX -- Missions
« Reply #20 on: 05/20/2011 12:52 AM »
Was wondering if perhaps the hab module, that is the module that orion would be docked to, would/could/or should be a bigelow module (cost savings?) or would it make more sense to build a conventional hard shell module?
I figured Bigelow modules would be a good add-on.  But you need a rigid core structure in place first.

Seems like that would be good for the baseline, but I can also see valid points to chucks idea as well.

IMO: It would be good to incorperate bigelow into the designs, might even be good to make them a centerpiece BUT, since bigelow aerospace is a commercial effort and is prone to the difficulties thereof I think we should also have a rigid core option.

I therefore submit that we should try to base future variants, and the baseline, on bigelow modules but should also develop a rigid core plan as well. Then we have "both" in the paper and the ideal option can be used when/if the time comes.
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