Author Topic: In what ways has the ISS exceeded expectations or failed to meet expectations?  (Read 1123 times)

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Compared to what how the ISS was designed and envisioned to work, in what areas has the ISS ( organizational, engineering, ect ) exceeded expectations, and in what areas has it left more to be desired? 

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It's far exceeded my expectations, considering that at one point the plans were so scalled down during the 90's that they unenthusiastically named the configuration "Fred". Later that year, Russia's Mir 2 plans were officially merged with the station "Fred" and the ISS was born. Yet later feature creep would set in and new elements were added back to the plan. In the end, the Hab Module, Crew Escape Vehicle, and CAM would be the only US items cut, but the station also gained modules not in the original plan, such as Node 3 and PLM. The CEV will eventually find it's way but as either an Orion or a Crewed Commercial Vehicle. Additionally, Node 4 and an inflatable module may get added. Russia for a while was looking like it was not going to finish their section, but now they are on track to add major additions over the next few years.

When it's all said and done, the ISS may actually be bigger than the original Freedom design of the late 80's, if it isn't already!