Author Topic: GAO: ISS - Ongoing Assessments for Life Extension  (Read 1330 times)

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Summary page, with links:


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Bottom Line:

Finding 1:

NASA is using analytical techniques, physical tests, and inspections
to assess primary structures and functional systems, to the extent
possible, and determine sparing needed to support safe functioning and
full scientific utilization of the ISS through 2020. NASA is confident
that it can execute necessary functioning and utilization; however,
the supporting assessments for primary structures and functional
systems are ongoing and all results are not yet available.

Finding 2:

NASA's assessment of the essential spares necessary to assure
continued operations through 2020 appears to be supported by
sufficient, accurate, and relevant underlying data. We found, however,
that estimates of essential spares are sensitive to NASA's assumptions
about ORU reliability.


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