Author Topic: Lebanese sounding rocket program in the 60ies (Arz / Cedar rockets)  (Read 3062 times)

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Has anyone ever noticed, that the Lebanon had a sounding rocket program in the 19060ies?

The development of the rockets was conducted by the Haigazian University’s Rocket Society and the Lebanese army. They began with minute rocketes and finally developed 3 stage rockets of the Arz-3 (Cedar-3) and Arz-4 (Cedar-4) types.

At least one three stage rocket reached a height of 200 km in 1962 (or 1963 ?)

Some links with images:




Can anyone provide some more info on this program? Perhaps launch dates?

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So here's what I get out of these articles.
The organization was Haigazian College Rocket Society
at first and probably  L'Association Libanaise pour Etudes des Engins Spaciaux
later (by the time they were doing high altitude launches?)
I'm going to use the French nomenclature for the most part since it looks from the docs that that was the main language of the society (at least that's my guess and based on the Lebanese scientists I've known).

Cèdre 1 and 2 were low altitude rockets.
Cèdre 3 was the first high altitude one. It had three stages.
The rocket was 6.8m long 0.52m dia total mass 1250 kg full, apogee claimed in
the 180-256 km range (based on similar programs in other countries I guess actual performance may have been closer to 150 km or so)

Stage 1 was about 2.2m long 0.52m dia  138 kN thrust
Stage 2 was about 2.2m long 0.21?m dia 78 kN thrust
Stage 3 was about 2.1m long 0.08?m dia 20 kN thrust

Cedre4 appears to have used a different first stage, longer and thinner., perhaps
the same diameter as the second stage.
The later vehicles were possibly similar to Cedre 4.

Launch dates:
1962 Nov 21  Cedar 3
1964?             Cedar 4
1964?             Cedar 5
1964 Sep 23   Cedar 6
1966 May 12   Cedar 7 (pad failure)
1966 Aug  4    Cedar 8? last launch

Great find, Gunter!!

 - Jonathan

Jonathan McDowell