Author Topic: Adding Solar Panels to Rassvet (MRM-1)  (Read 772 times)

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Adding Solar Panels to Rassvet (MRM-1)
« on: 02/16/2011 02:52 pm »
After the external cargo is transferred from Rassvet to MLM, there may be an opportunity to add a solar panel system to Rassvet to augment the Russian segment power system. Since Rassvet was launched with a keel and 4 trunnions, as well as a grapple fixture and ROEU interface for Shuttle, there would seem to be a physical and electrical interface available for a solar power system.

Although Rassvet is located under the Russian segment, the nearby FGB solar panels are folded and are not located directly over the Rassvet module, and so, assuming the Rassvet panels were extended laterally, some amount of energy could be provided.   The equipment required to convert solar panel outlet into usable energy for ISS could be mounted where the current cargo is located, on the exterior of Rassvet.

Tranmission from this proposed power system is a function of the size of the panels. If the panels are Soyuz/Progress class, power could be transmitted into Rassvet via the grapple fixture or ROEU, and then into ISS via the Rassvet docking collar (assuming the collar supports power transfer in this direction).  In this case, a new power stabilization system may have to be installed. If the solar panels are significantly larger than Soyuz, then external cabling into FGB may be required.

It is likely that the Rassvet's robust external interface could support a rotating solar array to maximize power output.

Its possible that even a minimal system providing a single Kw of power could be installed with a single EVA.

Even with the simplest approach