Author Topic: A X-mas poem....  (Read 1015 times)

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A X-mas poem....
« on: 12/22/2010 07:29 pm »
Here's a poem I recieved in my email today, thought I'd share it with you. To my fellow Shuttle Workers, past and present......

'Twas the Shuttle's last christmas and our spirits were low
For the program was ending and soon we'd all go
We'd processed the Shuttles with infinite care
And followed each mission as if we were there
We made every effort to achieve all our goals
We offered our talents, our hearts, and our souls
Our work was much more than a meager career
'Twas an honor and privilege beyond all compare
As this marvel of science was applauded worldwide
We looked on each Shuttle with unfettered pride
Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, and then
Atlantis, Endeavour all ferried brave men
And women to realms past the confines of Earth
Uncovering knowledge of infinite worth
We rejoiced with each mission's success and we grieved
For the losses too painful for us to conceive
And over the years, something wonderous took place
We became kindred spirits, united by space
And so, as we part, I will bear a great loss
And hope in the future our paths again cross
But until then, my friend, this wish I confide
Happy Christmas to all - we had a great ride!

Author unknown

 And with that, I say Merry Xmas to all, see you back here in the New Year!

P.S. What a pain to write this from an Iphone!
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Re: A X-mas poem....
« Reply #1 on: 12/22/2010 07:32 pm »
Nicely done!
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Re: A X-mas poem....
« Reply #2 on: 12/22/2010 07:33 pm »
Beautiful words. Says it all....
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