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The SIRIUS missions are the latest spaceflight analogs NASA is utilizing to help us understand the risks of travel further into the solar system.

They use the IMBP facilities in Russia.

The first mission, called Sirius-17 (as it was a 17-day simulated lunar flight) took place from Nov 7 to Nov 24.

The crew consisted of six persons; three men and three women. Mission commander was former cosmonaut Mark Serov. First flight engineer was cosmonaut Anna Kikina. Another crewmember was Elena Luchitskaya, who previously participated in the all-female Luna 2015 mission.

More background info:

Mission end:

For pics:
see IMBP's VK website; e.g.: https://banned/imbp_ru?z=photo-84925927_456239551%2Fwall-84925927_631

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