Author Topic: Q&A (show & tell) for 3rd graders about space and spaceflight...  (Read 608 times)

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Wow!  Bear with me here... 

My father (retired '95 from Lockheed, SR&QA Director, previously worked in all aspects of the Shuttle program from pad ops, safety, engineering, you name it all the way back to when they grafted him out of the Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury days to work at Michoud in the ET program in the 70's) and I have been selected by my 8 year old daughter to attend her class tomorrow for a presentation about space and spaceflight.

Dad has TONS of patches, photos, pins, memorabilia, letters from astronauts, pics, models, and tiles (yes w/RCC) from his career that we can share with the kids.

I'm so apprehensive and nervous about this but I don't know why.  (Partly because I think I'm a know-it-all when I'm really not, and partly because Dad has been battling cancer for several years and he's much more docile than I am.  Remember, he's an engineer.)

So, seeing as how this forum is *the* place for this, does anybody have any ideas on how to K.I.S.S.?  Have you done this before? 

Thanks so very much in advance for any suggestions or insight.  Wish us luck!



BTW, I've attached a couple pics.  One is obvious, the other two are of me as a young whip at his chair in the Firing Control Room at KSC and the 3rd at his desk.  Oh, the memories!