Author Topic: Wing Leading Edge Impact Detection System  (Read 1350 times)

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Wing Leading Edge Impact Detection System
« on: 12/11/2010 01:27 pm »
Great overview of the system and its history...

After the cause of the Space Shuttle Columbia accident was determined to be foam debris from the External Tank s left bipod ramp impacting the portside wing leading edge during ascent it was deemed necessary to develop systems to monitor the sensitive parts of the shuttle to prevent further such accidents. This slide presentation reviews the wing leading edge impact detection system (WLEIDS) which is designed to monitor possible damage to the edges of the wings for impact during launch and the shuttle flight caused by micrometeoroid and orbital debris impact.

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Re: Wing Leading Edge Impact Detection System
« Reply #1 on: 12/13/2010 08:14 pm »

Hey there

Here is another company with a product that is comparable

Specifically, here is an article relating to application of their technology.