Author Topic: Great Space Books to get the kids for Christmas  (Read 1036 times)

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Great Space Books to get the kids for Christmas
« on: 11/18/2010 01:44 am »
When I was a kid, I read every space book I could find. My favorite was Mike Mullane's children's book "Liftoff: An Astronaut's Dream." However, most space books for kids, I found, left me wanting so much more information. I was wondering if any of you knew of any children's space books that go into good detail in a way that will keep kids engaged, tell them the stark reality of what was going on, and that don't treat kids like they're stupid (a pet peeve of mine).

I know of one book that I would encourage anybody to buy for a youngster interested in space flight. It is called "Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon," by Catherine Thimmesh. Focusing on the engineers and technicians and all those unseen people involved in Apollo is really an approach that has not been done too much before in children's books, I don't believe. It was very refreshing and the book is truly high-quality.