Author Topic: LIVE: Congressional Hearing into Obama's NASA Budget FY2011 - Feb 24 Part 1  (Read 23460 times)

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Two points that I found interesting here were Olsen's highlighting of the large support in votes that Constellation has enjoyed in two different Congresses (one Rep. controlled and one Dem. controlled with the highest approval being in the Dem. controlled Congress).
And Holdren should have bluntly answered that there was support, just not for the budget required for Cx to succeed. Or compared to a real-life situation, everyone wants quality healthcare for all Americans, but no party wants to come up with the funding for it.
Probably not necessary, as these hearings aren't policy workshops.  This is somewhat 'for the record.'  Some of the representatives don't like different parts of the administration's policy, but those will be "challenged" in the bills they craft.  A good illustration of what's going on in the hearing was Congressman Rohrabacher's time; he took up the balance of his time commenting on policy with respect to global warming and human spaceflight, which gave Dr. Holdren only time to answer whether he agreed.  He said something to the effect of "on NASA yes, on global warming no"; that's often the way things go.  Another representative did approximately the same thing earlier; when Dr. Holdren asked the chair if he could respond to the statement, Mr. Gordon somewhat 'tongue-in-cheek' said (paraphrasing) 'I didn't hear a question in there to answer.'
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I'm sure these will be shortly be available on the committee's pages.

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I'm sure these will be shortly be available on the committee's pages.
Yes; first hearing now available via hearing link:

Direct link:

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That makes a good bottom line clb22. Verbal support alone does not build spaceships.

That is correct- however, Congressional votes DO provide the funding that has built every United States manned spacecraft- that's why the way in which the breezes blow in the halls of Congress is important to watch. IMO (and that is all it is) the questions being asked and the manner and temperment of the questioning is actually more important that the answers the witnesses are giving.

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You're saying they'll disband NASA? Maybe they plan to kill HSF in the future (which I highly doubt), but there's no way they'll get rid of the entire agency. I really don't understand why canceling Constellation is interprited as the end of NASA. It's definitely a change in direction, good or bad I can't say, but it's not the end.

I don't think it'll be quite like that.

I think what they're trying to do is cut NASA's budget in half.

What is left will be used to continue support for the robotic science missions with a major re-emphasis on Earth Science, they'll keep ISS to 2020 as a Lab supported by 2 CCDev crew launches per year and 2 COTS cargo launches and everything else from foreign partners.

The R&D work you're hearing about will all get canned within 2 years.

The balance will go back to the Treasury and will probably get used to pay for Education reform, Social Security or paying down the national debt.

Of course NASA won't be disbanded.   But it will be a shadow of its former self.

You're welcome not to believe me.   I would however ask you to take a moment to recall the predictions I made 4 yeas ago regarding ESAS/CxP's budget problems.   Couple that together with the predictions I made last year about Garver having her own plans for the agency if CxP didn't come up with a more affordable proposition (which it didn't).   I was right both previous times.   I believe that establishes me as having a proven public track record on these things.

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