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I think some time also officially announced that it also has contact from JAXA, but to decide the launch date of the Epsilon rocket in August of difficult. It In addition to the anti-cause analysis, and there is also a weather factor by the typhoon approaching weekend.

By NVS twitter

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Not surprisingly the misalignment signal of the gyros were spurious. Extra time required and an incoming tropical storm would however push back the launch to NET September 1st:
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[Epsilon] Summary
That we're finished today if only first aid of failure, but it and to postpone the September 11, such as coordination with local and re-rehearsal and Review Board

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That will make 2.25 rocket maiden flights in ONE WEEK! (assuming Minotaur V as half a new rocket and F9 v1.1 3/4 of one) :o

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[Epsilon] Summary
That we're finished today if only first aid of failure, but it and to postpone the September 11, such as coordination with local and re-rehearsal and Review Board

Postpone to the September 11 is due to the local lobster festival   :D

Launch target is officially NET Sep.3 (media information).
Sep. 11 is only this twitter source.
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Cause trouble is mismatch of timing (0.07 seconds) between onboard computer and ground computer. (Japanese)

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A briefing on the status of the investigation aborted launch Epsilon Launch Vehicle Test strted

From 0700UTC

WEbcast by NVS

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Conference Bulletin

Conference abort launch will begin soon . Speakers is Morita 's project manager

Morita . Beginning , the apology as " sorry " about the emergency stop launch . " Support of all of you gave me the push back up here . Work hard so as to be delivered the moment of successful launch "

It seems to have determined for monitoring by the cause ground equipment of discontinued launch the known at this time was faster in 0.07 seconds from computer mounted on the rocket , that there is a problem with the attitude of the rocket apparatus on the ground .

Modified for at rehearsal that I did on the 20th , setting the value of the monitoring of ground equipment was not appropriate , but the rehearsal the next day is not until the turn of the launcher for the rain , I did not notice at the time shift that caused this That's right

Postponed the launch of ε the second time . " Overhaul during which gave a collective effort of JAXA " . Since the re- set the launch date after being based on the results , the next launch date is likely not determined .

Launch date of the next Although not yet determined , the first question to the schedule . But Morita 's " I can not read at all day , it should hit in early September "

Is conducting an overhaul of staff no matter where you launch also made ​​in JAXA. A new bug is likely to have been found at this time .

Question in the conference , the deviation of 0.07 seconds was the reason for the launch abort . The signal sent from the control center on the ground , shift seems I caused to the difference reaching the computer mounted on epsilon .

It was log analysis in rehearsal , but so did not notice the deviation of 0.07 seconds confirmation is insufficient .

Topic at the conference in rehearsal . Delay of monitored for ( error ) , the first place we did not assume , it seems did not notice .

Even launch remains of error of 0.07 seconds , the impact is not likely to fly .

"We can not launch the new monitors fully automatic as of this time if you do not Ika to overcome these things . Lifeline of ε " Morita . There is no error in the design , does not seem to impact on the next Unit later .

Effect of launch abort . That there is no effect on the other parts . SPRINT-A mounted so is okay .

Morita " I had wanted to take immediately measures , but full not only fix the place funny simply , you want to examine calmly , if there are any symptoms that are these others. Moreover I want to challenge you to launch more reliable "

Members of the team epsilon Do not dented ? Morita in question . "The most painful it is placed in the painful situation . Mental members . But Tachinaoreru Compared to struggle for seven years "

In addition , the question to launch day . " As difficult . We answer at the moment and work hard to become . Teamwork to beat doing what to do " . I guess would do such time when ...

Press conference has ended .

Asahi Shimbun digital astronomical unit twitter

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Investigate the causes of the press conference launch abort testing machine epsilon
35 minutes Posted by Shibata Komei Saturday 05 at August 31, 2013 Posted
From 16:30 August 2013 , " the causes situation Press Conference of launch abort epsilon tester " was held in Uchinoura Space Center .

[ Presenter ]
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Space Transportation Mission Directorate Epsilon rocket project team project manager Yasuhiro Morita
Description assistant ]
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Space Transportation Mission Directorate Kagoshima Space Center launch site technology development chief ( launch control team planning chief ) Hiroyuki Osada

Morita , from project manager
By launch Epsilon rocket long-awaited made ​​an emergency stop in the fire just before , everyone in the universe fans nationwide , everyone of Uchinoura , everyone who came to cheer on the local , everyone , reporters who have support from all over the country with JAXA broadcasting etc. I think everyone , and sorry for the inconvenience for those various . 7 years have passed since the MV rocket , it was this far finally in support of the more variety . Because we will work well in the future to guarantee success , I ask for support in the future .

History of launch abort
Toward launch of 00 seconds 45 minutes at 1.13 , and started the automatic countdown sequence to 70 seconds before the launch time .
2 . To start with calculator rocket (OBC) in the signal from the ground equipment (LCS) to 20 seconds before launch . OBC has started the posture calculation rocket after 1 second .
※ LCS: This is a ground equipment for operating remotely launch inspection and Epsilon rocket , it is in epsilon control center of Miyahara district a distance of about 2km from ( mu ) plateau M is the launch point of the rocket . So-called mobile control device .
※ OBC: on-board computer with epsilon .
3 . Started to monitor the attitude data from 19 seconds before launch in LCS , but was automatically stopped by detecting the abnormal posture roll .

Cause known at present is as follows . Future , I do a more detailed investigation cause . In addition , to validate over time that there are no other causes .

1 . For monitoring by (LCS) ground equipment was faster in about 0.07 seconds from pose computation start with Calculator (OBC), ( ground device before receiving the correct data ) it is determined that the abnormal posture , and automatic stop .
2 . That, in addition to that it had set stringent monitoring time automatic stop so as to be subjected immediately when abnormal data is indicated, it was not possible to consider the time lag of the ground equipment and with the computer causes the deep it is just going to regret .
It was not possible in rehearsal was performed within 21 days 20 and 3.8 months , was performed to confirm the entire system by flowing the countdown sequence up to 18 seconds before launch , it is detected by the following reasons matter.
The rehearsal of the 20th August , by performing the launcher pivot state equipped with a rocket for the first time , you get the attitude data . As a result , it knows that the monitoring setting of ground equipment is not appropriate , were excluded from automatic stop items .
The rehearsal of August 21 , it was the appropriate changes to the monitoring set value, but without turning launcher by bad weather , and simulating the countdown sequence .
4 . After the end of the rehearsal , it was confirmed the validity of the monitoring set value by the evaluation of the acquired data , but I did not lead to up to a small time gap of about 0.07 seconds .

And response status
As a countermeasure to this event , it is determined if the cause of this , we study in the direction of changing the monitoring period in consideration of the time lag and ground equipment with a computer .
It is expected , such as whether there is a case to light of the events of this time together , like in monitoring other items , to conduct a re- inspection thoroughly , completeness towards the launch of the next .
For the postponement of the second time , not Sumasa in measures of direct cause simply , we overhaul all out of JAXA, go raise the probability of success more already . Because based on the results of the overhaul , we measure again and make the resumption of work launch , can not be decided at time of launch today .

- Q & A
It's that you and not decide to launch KTS time , but where the ( until 30 September ) window or likely . It had said the Minister of Education would like to launch early in September .
It is difficult Ku terribly Morita . Implementation methods and overhaul , for the reflection of the result , I can not read it or be how much . Because it is an important first unit , absolute success is the goal , not to fetter the time .

The deviation of the Yomiuri Shimbun , 0.07 seconds, and said what to a cause . Is it because such distance to the control room is longer .
We believe that issues a command of start -board computer from the computer of Morita - ground , but the time and took to transfer there . May be caused also the distance , but also because of delays in processing , cause not one .

Only say that it was not appropriate in rehearsal of Kyodo News , the 20th , but the problem of 0.07 seconds did not come out at that point .
I did not be identified at the time that Morita , but shift was happening in the subsequent analysis it has been confirmed . It was not clear , it is in the fact that his team was overlooked . Night of the 27th , I noticed in the analysis of the automatic sequence after stopping firing.

The time Start-up activities Kyodo News da , is there a possibility that more than ( September 30 ) window . What happens if I exceed .
I According to the results of Morita and re- inspection . I want to make an effort to increase in the window . If it is expired , it means that the setting of a new window.

It is a shift in the Sankei Shimbun , 0.07 seconds , the time it was allowed to this or how much . Previous examples How was .
To strictly monitor originally Morita , it was that there is no time difference . And not that good even half and had to be small enough. There is no precedent this decision because it is the first time .

I've heard it was the latest equipment of Kyodo News , above ground , equipped with latest equipment and do you was up to date .
And computers Morita Gyro is a new one that was minor change in ε for the equipment of the H-IIA for . In addition , this diversion is not the cause of the problem .

You can do the Sankei Shimbun and re- rehearsal .
Is being considered , including Morita it .

At the stage of the 20th - Minaminihonhoso , displacement or had already occurred .
Shift was happening in the street that Morita . Some inevitable , and reproducible .

What members of the project team of southern Japan newspapers, overhaul or made ​​.
Corps launch Nagata , we also so stakeholders , you will get done in the perspective that you have collected from each division of JAXA does not relate to launch , different . Has begun a review experts already , but possibly in other departments of internal JAXA future in all others .

There is a problem , other problems in southern Japan newspapers and time.
It is not the Morita - time.

It is a shift of KYT 0.07 seconds, but carried out in the 19 seconds before , (LSC) is what was earlier the ground .
Is a Morita so . It is a state in which the data side of the aircraft has not yet come .

Monitoring items KYT 20 days what was loose .
Was allowed to pivot from the launcher Morita service tower , the initial value of the angle had shifted twice to that of mounting . I have changed the threshold for that .

The time to you KYT consider either the fact loosen monitored.
Instead of Mel slow Morita , changing the start timing of the monitoring .

Or was aware of rehearsal and 21 Minami Nippon newspapers and 20 days if was done as expected .
Morita very Regrets physicians remain , but could be detected if you do it rain without rain .

Do you not think that you do a rehearsal once again after the south Nippon newspaper , the 21st .
Launch date may be delayed and do the Morita it . Check this item is simple , I was man and settle If you check the data later .

Reasons for the deviation of 0.07 seconds , Mainichi Shimbun has occurred .
As a Morita major factor , it is a processing time of a computer in the transmission path of the installed equipment . I was delayed 0.07 seconds instruction will reach the OBC from LCS.

Delay of 0.07 seconds this Kagoshima TV is what always occur .
Exactly Morita .

It is 0.07 seconds this Kagoshima TV but , or that we did not consider the transmission time .
Sends a start signal from the LCS to 20 seconds before Start-up activities Morita da , I send the attitude data to LCS from OBC to 19 seconds ago, but time that you had with 19 seconds before the OBC is launch , it has been slow 0.07 seconds from LCS made .
This was not found to be not turning the launcher .

For representation of Kagoshima TV and materials of " I did not reach " , and what that means .
It is the sense that I realized if people you want to map Morita care .

You did notice it if you have not been excluded from the item of automatic stop in western Japan , the 20th .
For values ​​that are not Morita and appropriate , had been removed as it can not properly monitor . If you were correct item at this time , I was aware of .

Yomiuri Shimbun - Is this a problem of processing or , or transmission loss .
But not both zero for Morita physically , 0.07 seconds This is not a transmission loss , it is considered an operational delay in computers in the transmission line as a major factor .

Tokyo venue
The delay of the newsletter , 0.07 seconds , do you not incorporated in the specification . Do not occur in other parts .
To be honest it 's missed as Morita and specifications . There is no error in the design , except that there is a delay for setting the timing of the monitoring was missing .

By Remove the rehearsal of the 20th newsletter and inspection items , and that it did not turn in the bad weather on the 21st , or there was no mechanism to check the leakage of inspection items .
I think Morita this is not a leak . I was thinking to be able to be confirmed in the same way as when you make a rehearsal by the analysis of the log . It was not enough as the point of view of confirmation .

Or one-way , or not round-trip delay of free Otsuka 0.07 seconds .
It is only 0.07 seconds Morita way . Time stamp is attached to the data since startup of OBC.

What kind of equipment free Otsuka or were delayed .
It was late when you through the ROSE as a Morita major factor . Influence of the elements fine transmission path is small.

When rehearsals free Otsuka the 20th , monitoring set value is not appropriate, do you noticed .
It was just before the Morita rehearsal . Originally is plus or minus one degree around the zero , plus or minus one degree , that is three times from twice is correct about the twice correctly .

There has exceeded the threshold value of the roll axis to free Otsuka the 27th , but the relationship between the delay of 0.07 seconds or whatever they . Or that the problem that did not stand the value of the pitch and roll because it is zero .
Monitoring settings instantaneous value of Morita firing was set to 3 degrees once . It is the correct process to have made ​​twice , this is to pass as it's within the range after the start of operation after turning . Because this was delayed 0.07 , and became foul zero before the operation to come . Pitch and roll is zero originally , I did not become a problem even if there is a delay .

There is a problem of thermal battery as a cause that can not be rehearsal only to Nikkei BP 18 seconds ago , the cost of this . If you use this in rehearsal .
Now there is no data Morita cost . However, rather than cost , the problem of thermal battery is a preparation period . It is not used only once in what generate electrical power in gunpowder , and take two days at least and to replace . This is the same from the time of the MV rocket .

The person who did it if you can exchange Nikkei BP 2 days or not than good .
To become unusable once , Morita thermal battery is not a test of the real .

If you ask start the Nikkei BP thermal battery , is not it can be confirmed that the operation of the part of the other .
Test of roll angle is required turning the launcher example Morita example , but I can also not issue a launcher for the thermal battery . Test can be in the assembly process of the rocket thermal battery . Because it is the same time be tested , it is done at the factory with a view should be to test as early as possible .

There was trouble in the NHK rehearsal , but overlooked cause of this delay . Or other disruptions .
Instead had overlooked Be troubles Morita et al , since it did not take into account the delay in the monitoring field .

Did no one see this number NHK .
Morita people than see , it has been doing in or do not pass either through the process of automatic monitoring . Since the roll angle had a test that also OK 0 degrees , the time difference is not a problem .

For the late of NHK 0.07 seconds, and did not assume the time of communication , or time it took more than the imagination .
Morita is the former .

Cause of the Tokyo Shimbun , automatic stop or did not take into account the delay of ROSE.
It appears that not only Morita ROSE, there is a delay among the OBC, this event has occurred regardless of the presence or absence of ROSE.

Is it how was in Tokyo newspaper MV.
There is no automatic judgment in Morita MV, people were doing .

What was supposed After firing while there is a lag Tokyo newspapers .
I believe there would have been no effect on the flight itself Morita is difficult , even if the fire temporarily .

About the increase in cost due to the Tokyo Shimbun , postponed .
Exact amount Nagata , now does not go out , but I will be personnel and troubleshooting , money factor takes the sea and land by a new set launch date , cost increases than when on the 27th of the original .

It is a translation to become a monitoring time in consideration of the delay , but now Yomiuri Shimbun , do we mean to measures in the software because it is impossible that hard .
Monitoring settings Morita These are intended to be set in the software originally .

Or that the problem that occurred to the function of the newly developed in the Yomiuri Shimbun epsilon .
It worked well in that it points out the part that does not think of Morita people . If you do not Ika overcoming reviews these , one firm can not .

Yomiuri Shimbun , future , is there any impact on Unit 2 or later .
No problem to Morita computer . This is a problem in the software of the monitoring system . There is no need for hard change of Unit 2 .

Is there a delay when the data is returned to the Asahi Shimbun LCS.
Morita not it time stamped so stick to the data .

Is there something you need a replacement stop by Start-up activities Asahi Shimbun da .
We have been the Morita study , but there is nothing to be replaced immediately . I have a washout because there may be things that need to be inspected again time has elapsed .

There was impact on the satellite by the Asahi Shimbun , stop .
There is no problem Morita epsilon so live a high air cleanliness until shortly before launch .

Measures how not difficult to be limited to only a matter of Kyodo News , 0.07 seconds .
As the Morita , I need in rework some . Verification measures and requires only a day or two . However, because a delayed a second time , the time required to perform the confirmation of other events .

Do you check by decomposing the aircraft at Kyodo News and re- inspection .
Because I already seen the event other than this Morita rehearsal , to check if there are any items that are missing in the rehearsal , whether there is a problem in 18 seconds later X minus . There is no such thing as to decompose the rocket .

It's that 0.07 seconds and was delayed in delay of computer or NHK some , but it did delay anywhere in the part specifically .
Morita large delay is a part that receives the instruction and pass in the ROSE, at the entrance of the OBC.

Or that there was a problem with the NHK ROSE.
Not Morita so . Delay occurs in the subject of OBC and passage of ROSE It is inevitable originally .

Or did not know in advance the delay that course NHK .
In Morita automatic monitoring , I did not have to reflect the delay it is a fact .

I was saying anxiety is less about the size of confidence in the conference before raising Location: Japan Broadcasting da , but about the little anxiety , this or that it could not turn launcher at rehearsal .
Through the conduct measures in part that was overlooked in the rehearsal of Morita this time , make a special inspection wide field of view further , confidence ε is unwavering .

What is the difference between outlook after discontinuation of up Location: Japan Broadcasting da , and think of now .
The Start-up activities after discontinuation Morita da , I thought it is possible to also specific phenomenon , it would strike immediately . However , it is not intended to that I should fix the problem situation reaches here , it must not fare well calmly third parties , including not only measures may indicate nothing is hidden directly .

Is there a recognition of that Nippon Broadcasting and prospects is was sweet .
Have you ever could not suppress the feeling that you catch on Morita , but it will be not only measures in this event , and the refocus firm , to face to launch with everything to do every thing is that the best .

Or to monitor signal has arrived as a measure of free - Akiyama future .
Exactly Morita . I would like to start monitoring at the timing of reach .

Is it to stop , or if the data does not arrive at all due to a problem with because of free - Akiyama another .
Because only changes the time of the Morita and monitoring start , and not the failure of the other occurs.

Dear writer Kita team have not dented . What to do maintenance of motivation as a leader .
It came around the clock while tension towards the 27th Morita August , but tough to mentally overhaul . But the original goal is a successful launch of epsilon . Think I do not know what more days or take , but that it might be he really do my best when compared to the seven years of struggling , I want to lead the firm .

Uchinoura venue
It is the spirit of the Sankei Shimbun and done , but carefully , because there is preparation of various fields , I want to ask you how long will it take for the fastest .
It is difficult to be before the special inspection begins in Morita time. But not put an unlimited time .

Position of OBC is somewhere in the Kyodo news agency rocket .
Instrument of the Morita - epsilon but ( third stage ) , there is a fourth stage in the option form first unit , I in that part . It is the same position as the orientation sensor .

Number of Kyodo News , experts or become much .
It is to be determined team leader and now Nagata - appointment . We consider to be a dozen scale .

Is over .

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(timelapse)Epsilon launch attempt in 5 min.

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Any new launch date rumored by now?  ???
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Any new launch date rumored by now?  ???

Apparently JAXA is still investigating the time syncing problem so no new launch date has been decided yet.

Source (Japanese)
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Situation of epsilon has been described in space development and utilization Subcommittee today, was held at the Ministry of Education. At this stage, check team organized independent, it becomes the status during inspection. About the causes of situation stop launch Epsilon Launch Vehicle Test | JAXA

By NVS Twitter.

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Talk of a new launch date of Epsilon does not seem out of place now.

By Komei Shibata's Twitter

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Talk of a new launch date of Epsilon does not seem out of place now.

By Komei Shibata's Twitter

A more precise translation is:
"Talk of a new launch date of Epsilon does not seem to come out so far"

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It looks like the launch team has did a simulated countdown yesterday from T-70s down to T+5000s - presumably to pin down the exact problem with out-of-sync computers and implement software changes.

BTW this problem was not found during the launch rehearsals on Aug. 20 and 21 - the first time due to that the rocket attitude data being fetched for the first time ever with the rocket swung out, and the second time due to the launch sequence being simulated with the rocket enclosed in the service structure in bad weather.

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Re: SCRUB: Epsilon launch - SPRINT-A, NET Sept.
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I'm going to lose track of this one so I'd really appreciate it if someone could PM me if and when they do set a new date.
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Re: SCRUB: Epsilon launch - SPRINT-A, NET Sept.
« Reply #217 on: 09/07/2013 03:43 pm »
I'm going to lose track of this one so I'd really appreciate it if someone could PM me if and when they do set a new date.  (in Japanese)

AFAIU, there will be a new launch rehearsal to-morrow Sept 8. If everything is OK, JAXA will then decide on a new launch date.

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Re: SCRUB: Epsilon launch - SPRINT-A, NET Sept.
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launch rehearsal in progress.
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Re: SCRUB: Epsilon launch - SPRINT-A, NET Sept.
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Towards the re-challenge of the new rocket has postponed the launch in trouble "epsilon", Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) was carried out at the rehearsal Uchinoura Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture Kimotsuki town. 8 days, to confirm the results, to determine the launch date.

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